Welcome to Green Acres Elderly Care Centre!

Established since 1998, Green Acres Home has been expanding steadily to meet the demands of the community. Green Acres Home provides a wide range of comprehensive healthcare services - long and short term residential care, doctors' consultation, physiotherapy and proper nursing care. The highest quality of care in a home like atmosphere is our goal. Our professional and dedicated staff comprising of a panel of on-call Doctors, Physiotherapist, Registered Nurses and Nursing Aides are constantly being supervised by a love-giving Home Manager. Together, we strive responsibly for the total well-being of our residents

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver our Best Care and Attention to each and every resident because the well-being and satisfaction of our residents and their families is the reason for our existence.

Our New Branch

Our New Branch is located in Taman Bukit Kempas, it’s just less than a 20 minutes drive from the town by taking EDL highway. Our Hilltop bungalow nursing home is a highly conducive and well-equipped setting within a quiet, airy and peaceful surrounding, thus allowing our residents and patients to enjoy a superior quality of life and a suitable environment for recuperation

Our Pricing

We are steadfast in ensuring that our residents and patients get to enjoy the highest standards of care and services within very reasonable and affordable price ranges, depending on the individual care required and on a case to case basis.








2012年是本疗养中心迈向另一阶段的开始,因为在这一年,我们在Bukit Kempas开设了一间分行。虽然如此,这并没有影响我们的服务以及初衷。秉持这一点,我们在选址上相当严格。



在这物价不断高涨的时代,本疗养中心依然希望患者们在享有专业的医疗护理的同时,也可负担合理的住宿费用。至于其他的用品如尿片、 导尿管、 食管、 血液糖测试,氧气等等,则需视情况收取费用。