What our clients say?


Shelly Ko

Patient Family
Dear Mr Jerry Yeo,
We would like to Thank you for the love n care from all of you on those days that my late father stay. we would always remember.

Loh Shin Fong, Loh Meen Kang

Patient Family
My Dear Victoria ,
i am deeply Grateful to you for taking such good care of uncle Lee while he was in Green Acres homeThank you also for coming to the hospital to make sure he was comfortable n fed....

Mdm Lee (Teacher) - 2013

Patient Family
Dear Kok Leong,
Many thanks for the wonderful care you & your team have given to my father...

Bernard & Mae Fong (Anesthetist) - 2015

Patient Family
Dear Kok Leong,
I will always treasure your concern for uncle and for staying with me while i was waiting to admit uncle. I will always have found memories of you n i thank you from the bottom of my heart...

Aunty Lee

Patient Family
Excellent service,staff and patient rapport very good.

Amethyst Lee

Retire Nurse
Very satisfied with the service and can ask no more

Mr Tay

Very happy n satisfied with the place, staff attentive to patient needs, clean enviroment, nice food...

Sharina Tiyu

Patient Family